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Communicating Diversity 2020:
Call for Submissions

(In)visible Marginality

Theme: (In)Visible Marginality

“While there is certainly privilege in that labeling of my performance and the resulting heterosexual passing, there is also the erasure of my queerness – I am often not 'queer enough.'” Their assumptions are based on White U.S. normative stereotypes about queer women. My hair is too long to be queer; I wear too much makeup; I wear dresses; I am not a huge consumer of queer women culture/music/social circles…” (Eguchi, S., & Long, H.R. (2018). Queer relationality as family: Yas fats! Yas femmes! Yas Asians. Journal of Homosexuality, 66(11), 1589-1608. p. 1590).

As the above quote illustrates, even within marginalized groups, socially constructed norms result in the acceptance of certain bodies and performances over others. The norming that occurs within marginality pushes many voices to the extreme borders of society. In turn, many individuals may feel as though they are never heard as they struggle to belong. Through the theme, (In)Visible Marginality, the 2020 Communicating Diversity Conference seeks to provide a forum that highlights the voices of individuals existing on the borders of marginality. At this year’s conference, we hope to create a space that will welcome silenced voices closer to the center of diversity conversations in ways that challenge all of us to do better when it comes to reducing stereotypes, breaking down (dominant/marginal) social norms, and conceptualizing diversity.

Beyond this theme, we invite all submissions related to, though not limited to, communicative processes on issues such as power, privilege, social justice, and climate and inclusion, in a variety of contexts (e.g., rhetoric, media, health, organizational, intercultural, political).

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Deadline Extension!

Submit a 250-word (or less) abstract to the submission tab on our website by midnight CST on February 14, 2020. You will be asked to include your name, university/college affiliation, departmental affiliation, and student status (undergraduate or graduate), as well as three keywords that describe your presentation. Abstracts should be attached as a PDF document with no identifying information in the document.


All submissions are reviewed by a panel of experts. Priority is given to socially relevant and theoretically informed abstracts that fit the conference theme: (In)Visible Marginality. Due to the submission extension, submitters will be notified by February 21, 2020, about their acceptance or rejection. If your submission is accepted, you will be put on a panel to give a 10-12 minute presentation about your project during the conference on Friday, March 27th.

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Undergraduate and graduate students from any institution of higher education are eligible to participate.


Registration for the conference will be available beginning on February 14, 2020 and close on March 19, 2020. 

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