Conference Program



Greetings, thanks, and some brief information about the conference and day's plans

Session 1- Network & Memory


Valentina Alduen: Narrators of the Historical Memory of San Basilio de Palenque: A Decolonial Project of the Kuchá Suto Collective Youth; Darcey Rydl: Coloniality and the Paradoxes of Migrancy: Experiences of Nicaraguan Migrants in Costa Rica; Bethany Davis & Kevin Ozomaro: Social Movement Splintering: An Examaniation of Stockton Stands with Minneapolis and News Media Representation; Sudeep Bhargava: Constructing a Queer Asian/Pacific Islander Archive: Network-Building in Community Organizing

Session 2- Tolerance & Television


RK Gonazalez: Drag Around the World: How "RuPaul's Drag Race" Reflects Queer Cocultures and Their Mainstream Societies; Carmen Miranda: Community-Based Intervention Leads to Telenovela; Lizette Beltran: How the Stories Told in Mexican Televisa Telenovelas Push Colorist and Classist Views in Mexican Households; Lora Kim: The Tragedy of Adore Delano: Double-Marginalization in Non-Heteronormative Drag

Keynote Speaker- Dr. Shinsuke Eguchi


Transparency, Reflexivity, &Hopefulness: Desiring Intersectional Queer Principles of IDEA
(Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility) beyond Tolerance

Session 3- Tolerance in Music & Dance


Emilia Denerville: Cheer Supremacy: White Savior Complex in Cheer; Preston Willis: "Taylor Swift doesn't write her own music": Discourse On Women's Ownership, Androcentrism in the Music Industry, and the Emergence of Swiftian Feminism; Katie Love: Play it Again: The Story Behind Taylor Swift's Re-Recordings and Professional Heartbreak; Jessica Bettis: Tragedy at Astroworld: How Unintentional Loss makes an Impact

Session 4- Tolerance & Representation


Mary Smith: Hegemonic Masculinity and Duke Cannon Supply Co.; Mehri Yavari: “Saving the girls' face”:  Hymenoplasty and the Rhetoric of Virginity in Iran; Soham Sen: Decoding 'Mauka Mauka': Analyzing Nationalism in Modi's India through the lens of Cricket Commercials; Shelby Landmark: The Evolution of Critical Disabilities Studies

Alternative Works Viewing and Interacting


Check out the Alternative Work presentations ranging from round table discussions, group projects, to video games!

Session 5- Tolerance in Education


Madisyn Welsh: Zero Tolerance Policies and the School-to-Prison Pipeline: The Important Role of School-Family Collaborations in Decreasing Juvenile Delinquency; Elysia Lin et al: Storytelling & Healing: Student-Led Community Building through Narrative and Art; Bradley King: My Teacher Does Not Have to Look Like Me: Diversity Among Teachers in Texas Public Schools; Damarius Johnson: Legacies of Black History: The Movement Beyond the Month

Session 6- Tolerance & Feminism


Ofri Lizer: "Female Age" at the Contemporary New Age Culture; Zoe Roman: Where Body Confidence Holds its Weight: A Cross-Platform Critical Discourse Analysis of the Body Positivity Movement on Social Media; Ebony Purks: There's Salvation in our Pleasure; Kyle Chitwood: “I Object” to gendered language: A training for bridal expo organizers and vendors on gendered language surrounding marriage


All sessions will be held via Accelevents. Links will be provided through your ticket purchase on the website.

Conference Presentation Tips

If this is your first conference, here are a few tips for making this a great experience for you and your audience.