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Department of Communication


Our focus, as it has been from the beginning, is on exposing students to both cutting edge and classical knowledge of communication, ensuring students are gaining practical skills in oral and mediated communication, encouraging active and engaged citizenship, and learning the communication ethics commensurate with a diverse and global society. Provided with models and techniques for understanding and navigating complex organizational environments–in politics, in social media, in the corporate world, in non-profits, in health providers, and in social movements, among others–students will graduate prepared to take on the multi-faceted roles demanded of them in today’s society.

Women’s and Gender Studies Program


WGST trains graduate students via a certificate program, designed to enhance scholars’ understanding of gender and increase attention to and discussion about gender in the future academy. WGST provides outstanding experiences to undergraduate students, developing their critical thinking and communication skills via high-impact educational experiences, small class sizes, technological innovations, and a truly liberal arts interdisciplinary approach.  The program cultivates social justice, activism, and advocacy against injustice in its research, graduate education, undergraduate education, and across the university community.  Through its curricular and research efforts, the program strengthens the attention for women’s, gender, and sexuality issues across all disciplines in the college and university. Attention is given to the historical, cross-cultural, and multicultural aspects of gender in the experience of women and men.

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Department of Sociology


The faculty in the department embrace the charge, given to them by the Higher Education Coordinating Board of the State of Texas, to produce future generations of scholars and researchers. To accomplish these goals, the faculty strive for excellence in graduate instruction. They also work closely with graduate students, supervising them and mentoring them to help them become accomplished researchers and instructors.  The faculty in the department are committed to the goal of excellence in undergraduate instruction. Through rigorous classroom instruction, honors courses, a certificate program, an internship program, and other special programs, the faculty help students develop critical thinking, leadership and decision-making skills and enhance academic and employment opportunities for undergraduate students.

Latino/a and Mexican-American Studies 


The Latino/a and Mexican-American Studies minor (or LMAS) at Texas A&M University invites students from all colleges to investigate the experiences and contributions of Latina/os in the United States and abroad. Students minoring in LMAS will receive instruction from interdisciplinary faculty across the colleges in the areas of History, Sociology, English, Anthropology, Psychology, Communications, Political Science, Health, Geography, Education and Hispanic Studies.

The courses provide students with a broad knowledge about Latina/os frequently omitted from the common curriculum, centered in the experiences of Latina/os. This educational experience provides an important pathway to multiple career choices.
Topics covered in the courses include race/ethnicity, gender, politics, religion, education, labor, immigration, and major historical events like the Chicano and Puerto Rican civil rights movements and the social and demographic characteristics of Latina/os.

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